By Jennifer Parris

FlexJobs, December 25, 2017 —

In order to impress a potential employer, nearly every word on your resume has to pack a proverbial punch. After all, ineffective phrases and cutesy clichés can make your resume seem subpar or unoriginal, and possibly decrease your chances of getting hired.

Make every word matter instead with these 10 action verbs that can improve your resume. And to make each sentence even stronger, try to tie in a result related to your action verb.

Below we’ve got a few action verbs you can use to replace old and bland words on your resume.

10 Action Verbs to Improve Your Resume

1. Championed

Instead of: “Held,” use: Championed

“Championed weekly performance meetings that resulted in 25% growth in Q3.”

2. Instructed

Instead of: “Talked to,” use: Instructed

“Instructed staffers regarding new remote policy procedures.”

3. Exceeded

Instead of: “Did,” use: Exceeded

“Exceeded previous expectations set for generating new sales leads.”

4. Accomplished

Instead of “Responsible for,” use: Accomplished

“Accomplished four accounting projects ahead of projected due date.”

5. Improved

Instead of “Duties included,” use: Improved

“Improved the quality of remote communication by researching more effective communication tools.”

6. Conceptualized

Instead of “Came up with,” use: Conceptualized

“Conceptualized new artwork for award-winning marketing campaign.”

7. Maximized

Instead of “Increased,” use: Maximized

“Maximized partnership opportunities by reaching untapped markets.”

8. Directed

Instead of “Supervised,” use: Directed

“Directed and empowered team of remote workers.”

9. Upgraded

Instead of “Worked on,” use: Upgraded

“Diagnosed software glitch and upgraded operating system.”

10. Collaborated

Instead of “Spoke,” use: Collaborated

“Collaborated with fellow remote colleagues on various projects.”


With such small real estate space, you want to make the most of every word on your entire job application, including your resume.

Take your words from passive to aggressive (and professional!), and your resume will be sure to stand out from the rest.