By Ana 

Business Insider España, November 26, 2018 —


  • Juan Manuel Ramos, a Spaniard who worked in HR at Apple Ireland for 3 years, claims to have the perfect formula to answer any question during a job interview.


  • According to the HR specialist, it’s all about following the “STAR” method, which stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result.

While it can be nerve-wracking to find the right answer to an interview question, there are a few tips and tricks you can use during interviews to impress recruiters.

At least that’s what Juan Manuel Ramos says — as Apple Ireland’s former HR specialist for Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa, the expert claims to have a secret formula up his sleeve that will work with any question an interviewer throws at you.

You can ‘perfectly’ answer any question during a job interview using the STAR technique, according to this HR specialist. Daxiao Productions/Shutterstock

“You can ‘perfectly’ answer any question during a job interview through using the STAR technique,” explained the specialist, now working as HR director at DEKRA. “It stands for ‘Situation, Task, Action and Result’.”

“Basically, you describe a situation you were in, outline what you had to do about the situation, detail how you executed what was necessary, and explain how the final result was successful,” said Ramos.

For example, imagine you’ve applied for a position related to marketing or sales. If you’re asked to talk about an achievement in your previous job, you could lay out your response accordingly:

  • Situation: When I arrived the sales were very low.
  • Task: My job was to make them grow.
  • Action: So I decided to implement a new management contact system.
  • Result: In doing so, I managed to increase conversion sales by 20%

In addition, the manager recommends to prepare — both orally as well as in writing — possible questions and answers that could crop up during the interview.

“With a simple Google search, candidates can find 80% of the questions they’re likely to be asked during a job interview. Even Glassdoor can act as a good point of reference, especially if you’re looking for jobs overseas,” advised the expert.