What is the Employment Opportunity Network?
How does it work?
What does it cost?
Who can (or can’t) be a partner?
Joining the EON alliance


What is the Employment Opportunity Network?

Launched by IMDiversity in experimental form in early 2002, the Employment Opportunity Network (EON) initiative was envisioned as a win-win, non-commercial community effort to disseminate timely job information and promotes workforce diversity.

Participating organizations that provide services to our diverse communities are invited to join in an alliance to spread word about IMDiversity’s free Career Center, extensive opportunities listings, advanced job bank technology, and long-standing expertise in diversity recruitment.  They help IMDiversity build an ever-widening hiring pool of job candidates that diversity-sensitive employers want to reach.  They also share word of their own events, services, products or publications that serve our diverse audiences.

How It Works

EON participants join in a mutually beneficial, easy-to-implement banner or links exchange with IMDiversity, in a manner consistent with their organizational missions and members/audience interests.  They provide a valuable service to jobseekers by linking to one or more of IMDiversity’s targeted featured jobs, job search tools, and educational or other information channels most relevant to their audiences.  Jobseekers can use these free tools to review the many thousands of opportunities and profiles posted by employers who actively seek to recruit diverse talent by using IMDiversity’s services.  They can also use our free, custom MY JOB TOOLS Accounts to post employer-searchable resumes, get automated job alert emails, research companies and salary information, and more.  Finally, they find career, news and cultural content created by, for and about our communities — with the same substance and integrity we’ve upheld since launching the respected BLACK COLLEGIAN Magazine over 30 years ago.

IMDiversity prominently recognizes and reciprocates our allies’ dedication through spotlight profiles and banners displayed throughout our expansive IMDiversity Career Center and Multicultural Villages network, through “co-presenter” credit on targeted jobs and content features, and through sharing their relevant feature content, news or events to our communities and diversity employers.  Although EON is NOT designed to be a commercial “affiliates program,” many MEMBERS are also able to leverage a new EON Career Center click into new sponsorship or employment advertising opportunities for their own sites if they so choose, and IMDiversity has worked with some organizations interested in such an arrangement in the past.  EON partners are also entitled to post two free announcements of employment, internship or volunteer positions in their organization per year to the searchable jobs databases on IMDiversity.com or THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Online.

What Does It Cost?

Nothing.  EON was conceived as a non-commercial, voluntary collaboration between IMDiversity and simpatico organizations representing and serving our diverse communities.  A cooperative relationship between IMDiversity and the partner is established through an informal, mutual agreement.  We agree to freely exchange traffic and promotions in terms that remain in effect only so long as both sites determine it is mutually beneficial to do so.

Who Can Become a Member?

Pilot EON partners have included minority-serving professional and student networking organizations, ethnic media and small businesses, civil rights and community advocacy groups, college career services sites, and even some individuals. What we share is a common interest in helping diverse jobseekers and equal opportunity employers of all kinds connect.  From professional networks to downsizing companies, college career planning offices to multicultural newspapers, state unemployment offices to ethnic cultural ‘zines, student clubs to individual bloggers –almost any organization dedicated to assisting diverse jobseekers could be a good candidate for Membership.

The usual culprits will definitely not become EON members: Spammers, pornographers, fly-by-night and get-rich-quick commercial jobbies, and anyone who tries to engage us in selling stuff for them on commission, spam our users, etc.

Becoming a Member

To inquire about an alliance, please contact us and tell us about your organization.  Provide your URL and contact information, and tell us what we need to know about your site or organization mission, audiences and interest in helping diverse jobseekers.

We review your organization’s site and, assuming we find that its content, activities and traffic seem relevant and of value to the diverse community audiences and employers we represent, we’ll get in touch with you.

The IMDiversity.com Employment Opportunity Network is a community-based, non-commercial online networking initiative to promote free online job information and job search tools for diverse job-seekers.