Native American Village Partner

First Nations is the masterwork of Jordan S. Dill, a former editor of IMDiversity’s Native American Village and Hispanic American Village.

In what may just be the world’s most expansive online clearinghouse of links, articles, documents and discussions about historical and contemporary topics related to the First Peoples of North America, the site comprises a number of interlinked sub-sites.  At the First Nations top-level site index is an alphabetical listing of hyperlinked contents leading to ever-deeper discussions of news and historical topics — many that are controversial and little-known, and many more that you won’t see in any mainstream media outlets.

Of particular note is the ambitious, exceptionally detailed First Nations Histories site, a vast reference resource for especially useful to educators and other interested researchers providing background information arranged by tribal history, geographic reference, and more.

To learn more — much more — about the “issues of consequence” among the original inhabitants of North America both yesterday and today, treat yourself to a visit to First Nations today.

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