“Fighting Unemployment One Resume at a Time”


Help My Resume, a Flippin Creative Inc. organization, is motivated by a love of America, and for the wellbeing of our fellow citizens and the dreams and hopes of a bright future and endless opportunities, each of us as Americans hold dear to our hearts. We work together with our corporate sponsors, private donors, and foundations across the country in order to motivate, build confidence, financially support and equip with new or upgraded skill sets, unemployed Americans from coast to coast all across the United States.

The cornerstone and namesake of Help My Resume is our no-charge professionally written resume rewriting service. Although an individual may be equipped with an impressive set of job skills, many don’t know how to clearly express and present their uniqueness and value to a perspective employer, via a well written and strategic structured resume. Subsequently, within the ever increasingly competitive job market, invitations from employers to discuss specific employment opportunities remain elusive and out of reach.

Our comprehensive programs include:

Resume Rewrite

Cover Letter Program

Grant Program

Scholarship Program

Ready Start Program

Day Care Assistance (Coming 2010)


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