National Council Asian American Business Associations

Virtual Asian Business Community


Connecting corporate America and government agencies to Asian American chambers of commerce, business organizations, entrepreneurs and leaders.

Educating the small business community on how to stay competitive with training in areas of economic development, public contracting, community development, and supplier diversity.

Unifying the Asian American small business community throughout the United States under one national voice through unity-building programs and working together on business issues.


The National Council of Asian-American Business Associations (NCAABA) is a 501(c)-3 organization that serves as the national voice for the Asian American business community. Because Asians have over 30 ethnicities in one major minority group, it is essential to have a non-profit organization like NCAABA unite Asian business organizations and chambers to create effective positive change in the areas of:

  • Economic & Community Development
  • Public Contracting
  • Supplier Diversity
  • Public Policies

NCAABA’s Vision

An environment where AAPI businesses are thriving in a robust global and domestic economy and contributing to communities.

Mission Statement

The mission of the National Council of Asian American Business Associations is to be a strong voice in effecting positive change in the areas of: economic development; public contracting and private procurement; public and fiscal policies that impact Asian Pacific American businesses and communities at large. Unified across America, NCAABA will join forces and voices to create opportunities in the social and economic sectors for the Asian Pacific American business community.


Asian Pacific American business owners have waited decades to have their voices heard on a national level. In December, 2000, about 30 heads of various Asian Pacific American business associations and chambers of commerce across the United States convened in Las Vegas, Nevada to meet for the first time. At that meeting, there was urgency in forming an organization that would serve as the voice of Asian Pacific American business owners in the United States. Thus was born the National Council of Asian American Business Associations.

The Asian Pacific American market is a growing community with a rapid increase of successful entrepreneurs. According to the 2001 Survey of Minority-Owned Business Enterprises, the number of Asian-owned businesses increased more than four times faster than the number of all U.S. firms, and their receipts also rose much more rapidly than all others. NCAABA is an organization committed to bringing together the Asian Pacific American business community to create a national voice.

Executive Director’s Message


We have hit the ground running in the second quarter despite all the “doom and gloom” reports from pundits and talking heads. There is so much action around the Federal Stimulus Package, that NCAABA couldn’t help but take a leadership role in becoming a resource for our minority business alliance organizations with information in private and public contracting.  Read more

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