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Gil Asakawa’s Japanese American Perspective on Pop Culture, Media and Politics


Nikkeiview is the brainchild of Japanese-American author, editor, artist, journalist and Denver-area Asian American activist Gil Asakawa.  Also a former contributor to IMDiversity, Asakawa has been a leading online voice representing contemporary Japanese-American culture and trans-national Japanese pop culture through the columns distributed initially on his Nikkeiview website.

In its 2.0 incarnation, Nikkeiview has continued to expand into the regularly updated Nikkeiview Blog, where Asakawa continue to post his timely, insightful columns and special sections such as The Swallows Return (heritage series) in the midst of an expansive, all-things-APA clearinghouse of relevant content feeds from across the Asian American landscape.

About Gil Asakawa

Asakawa is also author of the book, Being Japanese American (Stone Bridge Press June 2004), and co-author of The Toy Book, a history of baby-boom era toys (Knopf 1991).  He has over 20 years of experience covering popular culture and the arts at-large — as a music critic, feature writer and editor of a weekly arts and entertainment magazine. He has served as Content Editor for Digital City Denver,, and, and Denver’s  His writing has appeared in Denver Rocky Mountain News, Rolling Stone, Pulse, and Creem, among many others. In 2003, Asakawa became Executive Producer for

Asakawa also co-founded with Erin Yoshimura the “Asian American Empowerment” site,  Part-webinar hub, part-motivational resource, visualizAsian houses a growing series of streaming Empowerment Series interviews with influential Asian Americans from a variety of sectors, such as actress Tamlyn Tomita, celebrity activist Yul Kwon, Minn State Senator Mee Moua, former Cabinet Secretary Norman Mineta, and others.

Active in the Asian Pacific American community both in Colorado and nationally, Asakawa has also contributed to the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival, served as a board member of the Aurora Asian/Pacific Community Partnership, and as the Board Chairman for the Pacific Citizen, the national newspaper of the Japanese American Citizens League.

A comprehensive archive of Asakawa’s art and writings awaits you at

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