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TEACHERS OF COLOR can help your district recruit a more diverse workforce on college campuses. Our readers are preparing to graduate and are interested in career opportunities. Our readers look to us to find which school districts are hiring, and to access assorted career information. Just as importantly, they want to know which districts have made a commitment to diversity.

TEACHERS OF COLOR Magazine is a cost effective recruitment medium that offers advertising options to fit any budget.

TEACHERS OF COLOR Magazine is a quality publication that gives its readers valuable information on current issues facing teachers, resources they can use on the job and career information. It highlights successful Teachers of Color and gives advice from some of the field’s most enlightened thinkers. It shows success is happening. The magazine is saved and both the articles and ads are re-read and referred to many times.

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The Employment Opportunity Network is a community-based, non-commercial online networking initiative to promote free online job information and job search tools for diverse job-seekers.