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Launched in 1970, THE BLACK COLLEGIAN is a career and self development magazine targeted to African-American students and other students of color seeking information on careers, job opportunities, graduate/professional school, internships/co-ops, study abroad programs, etc.

The magazine is distributed on over 800 campuses nationwide, primarily through the career services office. The Western College Placement Association ranks THE BLACK COLLEGIAN the #1 career opportunities magazine targeted to collegians of color, and the #2 overall.

THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Online was launched in November of 1995 to reach an even larger audience with our information on career development, self-development, and job opportunities. You’ll also find information on study abroad programs, health and fitness, graduate/professionals schools, internships/co-ops, and other important information designed to ensure a smooth transition from college to a successful career.

The online Career Center and job bank offer free, practical tools for searching and applying for jobs with employers who are interested in recruiting a diverse workforce.  THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Online has a wealth of information needed by African-American students in search of that first professional job.




The Employment Opportunity Network is a community-based, non-commercial online networking initiative to promote free online job information and job search tools for diverse job-seekers.