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Providing inspiration to AAPIs while empowering them to find their voice and to stand with vigor in everything they do.


With the tagline “See. Do. is part-webinar hub, part-motivational resource.  The “Asian American Empowerment” site highlights the accomplishments of Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPIs) through live conference call interviews with notable AAPI leaders, which are then made available via webcast, and downloadable MP3 files.

Among the inaugural speakers in 2009 were influential Asian Americans from a variety of sectors such as actress Tamlyn Tomita, celebrity activist Yul Kwon, Minn State Senator Mee Moua, author Phoebe Eng, former Cabinet Secretary Norman Mineta, and others.


Mission and Background

The goal of is to connect visitors with Asian American Pacific Islander pioneers and leaders, and “empower AAPIs to find your voice and stand with vigor in everything you do!”  The site more specifically seeks to counter a general absence or distortion of AAPIs in mainstream media by creating a comprehensive repository of “stories about Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders that can inspire other AAPIs to follow in their footsteps.”

The site was co-founded in May 2009 by author, journalist and NikkeiView columnist Gil Asakawa, and Erin Yoshimura, a cultural intelligence, personal branding trainer and career coach (


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