By Mario Trujillo

The Hill – 06.22.16 —

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More than 30 tech companies made a commitment to the White House on Wednesday to track and set workforce diversity goals.

The pledge by companies to make their workforce more representatives of the public was signed by a number of high-profile companies including Airbnb, Box, GitHub, GoDaddy, Intel, Lyft, Medium, Pinterest, Spotify, Zynga and others.

The companies pledged to set specific diversity and hiring goals, and also to publish the data openly. They further vowed to “invest in partnerships” to increase the pipeline for tech talent.
“With the eyes of the world on Silicon Valley, today the Obama Administration is announcing new commitments to advance inclusive entrepreneurship and innovation here at home,” the White House said in a statement.

While “Tech Inclusive Pledge” sets a general goal to make companies “fully representative” of the U.S. public, it allows companies to set their own pace.

The pledge appears less rigorous and specific that commitments that the Congressional Black Caucus has tried to pressure companies into signing.

The tech community broadly has a poor track record at diversity.

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