By Kiki L’Italien

Media Bistro —

You don’t have to be a Final Cut pro to make great video.

Check out these tools that will help you look good in no time.

Just a few years ago, creating well-crafted video content was primarily an expensive and time-consuming process requiring skills that took much time (and the right equipment) to develop.

Today, the barriers to producing attractive and professional-looking video content are breaking down and it is becoming cheaper and easier, which is good since video is one of the most effective ways to reach your audience — even during a job search.

Ignore video for your job search at your peril.

Types of video content you may want to consider during your job search, include a demonstration of skills or project stories that show what you can do, your video resume and thought leadership pieces that help identify you as a valuable asset for any employer to have on a team.

A Cisco white paper predicts that 80 per cent of all internet traffic will be video content by 2019. Because of the drive to create more and more video, technology developers are rushing to provide solutions for video content creators.

Take a look at these five tools that promise to make your video projects more effective with just a little effort:

1. Showbox

Showbox is a free service that provides everything from background replacement to story recipes to help develop great video content. Use this to spin your story in a smart, sophisticated way. It’s a great tool for highlighting your best skills or projects.

2. Quik

Quik identifies your best footage and presents options for everything from transitions to captions. Use it to create your best explainer video or demo or to create a mixed-media video showing images from successful presentations and projects, all with snazzy transitions and background music if you like.

3. Animaker

Moving infographics could be cool, right? Animaker provides artistic options for how you tell your story. Don’t feel like getting up close and personal with your webcam? Animaker might be the way to go. Animaker provides video resume templates that walk you through the process of creating your own. It doesn’t get much easier—or more fun—than this.

4. Magisto

Magisto is a great tool for people who don’t feel adept at coming up with creative ideas for video. It provides examples and ideas for ways users can take the reigns and develop a video that shows off their skills or business.

Magisto offers even more guidance and resources for professionals and business owners for a monthly price, although Magisto does have the freemium version that works quite well—even better if you know enough about video to have some B-roll and high-quality photographs you can use.

5. Filmora

When your film has captions, you increase the likelihood of your video being watched. Filmora makes adding captions and text to your video easier.

Whether you think you are the next great film director or a complete novice at film technique, using these tools will help make your video content stand out.