The American Genius Award is an annual award given to Americans who trulyrepresent high intellectual qualities.

LOS ANGELES, 1/28/15 — Andy Khawaja, the world-renowned founder of a long list of successful companies including Allied Wallet, a globally leading provider of online credit card processing and a PCI Level 1 secured payment gateway, was awarded with the 2015 American Genius Award for his entrepreneurial success and technological advancements.

The AGA Committee hand selects a group of fifty candidates, from which the committee will research, study, and determine the winner of the annual American Genius Award.

The AGA Award Committee began following the success of fifty candidates including Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Michael Dell (Dell), and Sergey Brin (Google). And while these names may be more commonly mentioned, the AGA Award Committee was looking for a candidate that flourished in multiple business types and truly brought something new to the table in 2014.

Andy Khawaja was recognized by the American Genius Award Committee as a fine representation of American innovation, an American visionary, and an American trailblazer. Khawaja is not only managing over a dozen businesses, but innovating and developing for the solutions first-hand as well.

Andy Khawaja is most commonly known globally for Allied Wallet, his state-of-the-art online payment system and proprietary payment gateway company. Allied Wallet currently serves over 120 million people globally in 196 countries, providing a safe means of online payments and sales.

Khawaja is an entrepreneur with success in many avenues which is what swayed the vote for the AGA committee. Khawaja is a real-estate mogul, fine dining restaurateur, an e-commerce innovator, and even an entertainment media mogul with his own successful television show.

This multi-billionaire represents the American Genius Award and what can be achieved with hard work, passion, and genius intellect.

Andy Khawaja has changed the world for millions with Allied Wallet and proves to be an exceptional 2015 Winner of the American Genius Award.

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