• According to researchers, continued Inequality has cut US economic growth by $22.9 trillion over 30 years
  • Inequality is the price to be paid by all Americans not just racial and ethnic minorities
  • As America becomes more diversity the price tag will continue to grow

Inequality in employment, education and earnings has cost the U.S. economy nearly $22.9 trillion over the past 30 years, a sum that is likely to increase as minority populations expand, according to a new paper from economists including Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco President Mary Daly.

“The opportunity to participate in the economy and to succeed based on ability and effort is at the foundation of our nation and our economy,” the authors wrote. “Unfortunately, structural barriers have persistently disrupted this narrative for many Americans, leaving the talents of millions of people underutilized or on the sidelines. The result is lower prosperity, not just for those affected, but for everyone.”