In this new TV show “All Politics is Vocal” as high school girls campaign, sing and cheer to be elected Governor of their summer camp.

We’re shooting a short version of the GIRLS STATE TV pilot later this summer and we need your help!

What is Girls State? GIRLS STATE is a new musical comedy television project about a mock state government summer camp for rising high school senior girls. We’re shooting the short version of our pilot later this summer and we need your help. Across the nation, those honored with the nomination to attend Girls State compete for college scholarships by running for office in a high stakes simulated state government experience – singing and cheering required. This satirical hour long comedy featuring original pop songs highlights the most cutthroat kind of politics – high school politics. Our take on this world focuses on what it means for a young woman to give voice to her beliefs.



CHALLENGE: We are committed to having women artists in leadership roles on this project. That commitment comes because we know that there are often barriers to women gaining experience in the field. However, that does create a challenge because those barriers mean that there are more men that we know who are interested in and available to work on this project – who are in a position to do us favors and help out our low budget production – and finding women takes more time and research. Additionally, women are less likely to be able to take low budget work because they are not as often considered for the higher budget projects that enable people to work for less money. Your contributions will enable us to pay our women artists fairly and will support the extra time and research we are more than happy to put in to find wonderful, women filmmakers who will make this project a success.

CHALLENGE: Half of our team is in LA and half of our team is in New York. In addition to presenting logistical challenges for planning, this challenge has a real financial impact. We’re shooting in LA. We need to get our NYC artists there. Your help will enable us to do this comfortably, so that we don’t have sacrifice quality because of distance.

RISK: We’re doing something that isn’t standard practice. If we just wanted to sell our GIRLS STATE pilot, we wouldn’t need to shoot our pilot presentation this summer – we could just shop the script to networks. If we wanted to make a web series, we could invest in that, but it would be a different medium. We have written a television pilot for TV. But, it takes a long time to get things on TV, and we want to share this world, these characters, and our project, with the world now. The story is timely, we have a lot of great artists excited about making a thing together, and we’re ready to get behind the camera. Since there isn’t a lot of precedent for what we’re doing, you the audience may not understand exactly what we’re doing or why. You may say, why not just shop the pilot? Why not just make a web series? We understand that that’s a big risk inherent in our premise, but we also trust that we have the talent and strength of material to make this thing together that will stand on it’s own.

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