By Shirley Gomez

Latin Times | Jan 24 2017 —

The National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) is a national non-profit association dedicated to promoting public health and the nursing profession for Hispanics in the United States. To learn more visit: Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty


In a continued effort to help alleviate the nationwide shortage of Hispanic nurses, The National Association of Hispanic Nurses (NAHN) and Hispanic Communications Network-La Red Hispana announced the launch of the third year of a national bilingual campaign to inform Hispanic men and women of all ages about careers in nursing.

The campaign highlights the profiles of nursing students and provides access to Mentor Connection, a database of Latino nurses who can provide career guidance, advice, and cultural perspective to prospective nurses.

“Hispanic students looking for role models to encourage and guide their efforts often come up empty in their attempts to find mentors and a network of support,” says Alison Rodden, Chief Executive Officer of Hispanic Communications Network.

“The Hispanics in Nursing campaign is committed to bridging those gaps and the Mentor Connection is a vital tool for the recruitment and retention of our Hispanic nursing workforce.”

The interviews will not only be available at Hispanics In Nursing but also in Spanish at Carreras En Enfermeria.

“Many jobs in nursing will be available in the coming years, one of them can open the doors for the professional advancement and personal success of many young men and women. This could be one of the best opportunities for our youth and this is our way to tell them: You are not alone,” said Angie Millan, former president of NAHN.

The campaign will run on La Red Hispana’s national radio affiliate network and online.