By Ann Brown

The Network Journal, March 15, 2018 —

Are you the sole person in your department, handling everything that needs to be done? It would seem like there is no where to move up, but even in this situation you can still climb the corporate ladder.

“Think more broadly about what moving up means. If there is no ladder to climb, identify skill sets or projects that will enhance your scope within your organization and provide you with additional responsibilities. This will set you up to either ask for a promotion in your department or move to another area within your organization that has a clearer path for growth using your newly developed skill set,” explains Millennial Career coach Alissa Carpenter, owner of the blog “Not OK, That’s OK.”

Looks for ways that you can still make yourself standout at work and to take on more responsibility. “Identify opportunities for management that might be less traditional. If your organization hires interns or short term employees, ask your manager for the opportunity to supervise these staff members. This is a great chance to get management experience and to show your organization that you are up for the challenge,” offers Carpenter.

Attach yourself to new projects. “Review the current projects that you’re a part of and what is coming up the pipeline. These projects are a great opportunity to step up and be a leader and manage a particular task to gain more exposure within your organization and set yourself up to potentially create a new role or added responsibilities,” says Carpenter. Corporate trainer Dr. Marlene Caroselli, author of The Language of Leadership, agrees. “Take on a project—one that fascinates you, requires research, and has not been assigned to you. Develop a reputation as a guru in one particular area of your industry,” she adds.

Don’t continue to play it safe at work. Take some risks by stepping up and putting yourself in a leadership role. You can even suggest a new title for yourself. “Create an impressive-sounding title. With your boss’ permission, have up new business cards made to reflect this,” suggests Caroselliis.

Build your brand and provide your expertise outside your office. “Speak at an industry trade show or conference. Add the accomplishment to your resume and network while there,” says Caroselliis.