PITTSBURGH (AP) _ An Allegheny County judge has delayed an $8.85 million deal by a consortium of charities to buy Pittsburgh’s August Wilson Center.

Judge Lawrence O’Toole delayed the sale Monday and took under advisement International Investigative Services’ claim that it’s owed $245,000 for past services.

The company says it’s not fair to get stiffed on the debt especially since the center’s court-appointed receiver and her assistants will be paid a $590,000 fee for orchestrating the sale, and union stagehands last week were paid more than $33,000 they were owed.

The five-year-old center is named for the late, black Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and Pittsburgh native. But it’s been plagued by financial and attendance problems and was scheduled for a Nov. 3 foreclosure to satisfy a $7.9 million mortgage default.

The sale would avert that and keep open the center.