HAVRE, Mont. (AP) _ Leaflets purportedly from white supremacists promoting a neighborhood watch group appeared outside homes in Havre neighborhoods, including one where many Native Americans live, residents said.

The leaflets bear the insignia of The United Klans of America and say “Neighborhood Watch. You can sleep well tonight knowing the UKA is awake,” The Havre Daily News reported in a story published Monday.

They were placed in clear plastic baggies and distributed over the weekend. Some were weighted with small stones.

Toni The Boy said she found three leaflets outside her home on Havre’s east side and was horrified.

“I grew up in Havre,” The Boy said. “I have never seen anything like this. We sometimes had racial problems, but nothing like this.”

A call and email to the national organization were not returned Monday. John Abarr, the head of the Montana chapter of the United Klans of America, said the group is organizing in Havre, but declined to provide details.

Similar leaflets have been reported in towns in Alabama and Connecticut over the past year.

When they appeared in July 2013 in Milford, Connecticut, UKA imperial wizard Bradley Jenkins said the fliers were meant to deter criminals.

Abarr, who in 2013 paid $50 to join the NAACP so he could get the group’s newsletters for insights into its views, said his goal is to create a white republic in the Northwest.

Havre City Councilwoman Bonnie Parenteau said she hopes residents rise above the situation.

“What do you do other than say I don’t appreciate it?” Parenteau said.


nformation from: Havre Daily News, http://www.havredailynews.com