Reverend Jesse Jackson and Rainbow PUSH Coalition Expose Lack of Diversity on the Corporate Boards of Technology Companies.

The Rainbow PUSH Coalition survey shows that there are just 3 Blacks and 1 Hispanic among the 189 total board members of the 20 technology companies surveyed. There are just 36 women among the 189 total board members of the 20 companies surveyed. This data reveals a bold and audacious pattern of exclusion.

Eleven of the companies have no people of color on their boards, including Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, eBay, Google among others. Just three companies – Microsoft, Oracle, and Salesforce have a Black or Latino on their Board.

In contrast the telecommunication companies with whom many technology are now competing: Verizon alone has three African Americans on its Board of Directors. ATT has two African Americans and Comcast one African American on their Boards.

“Rainbow PUSH has successfully PUSHed the technology to reveal their workforce diversity and inclusion data – the data documents the virtual exclusion of Blacks and Latinos from the industry in both tech and non-tech jobs. This dearth of diversity is replicated on the corporate boards of directors. It’s time for a change. Technology companies must transform themselves – from the corporate boards to the workforce – to mirror the communities and customers it relies upon for its growth and success.”

Reverend Jackson will continue to PUSH for diversity in Silicon Valley and the technology industry at speaking engagements at Platform in Atlanta, before the New York Venture Capital Association and at a USA Today forum at Stanford November 6. Rainbow PUSH is organizing a “next steps” workshop on December 10 in Silicon Valley to continue its push for reach, measurable and concrete change in the tech industry.

“Diversifying the technology industry – from corporate boardrooms to the workforce – is this era’s civil rights challenge. While we engaged companies to move from resistance to release and usher in a new climate of transparency, more must be done: companies must set concrete, measurable goals, targets and timetables to expand minority participation on their boards, in their c-suites, and workforce. They must expand to engage minority professional and financial services firms, advertising and marketing agencies in their business development.

In short, companies need a 21st century diversity and inclusion strategy to change the face of technology. Rainbow PUSH stands ready to partner and produce the talent needed to usher in a new era of change in the tech industry. The Rainbow PUSH Coalition will be sponsoring a forum on “next steps for technology,” hosted by Intel Corporation, on December 10.  It will address the need for the technology companies to set measurable goals, targets and timetables to move the needle on the participation of Blacks and Latinos, and women, in the industry.