Filmmakers Signing Huge Petition

TAMPA, Fla., May 29, 2015 — The Lakota People’s Law Project has appointed Ambassador Chase Iron Eyes to the Freedom Film Festival, an international, online film festival. Ambassador Iron Eyes is a well known attorney, public speaker, and advocate.

Freedom Film Festival boasts more than 4,500 films, manuscripts, and production development entries worldwide including award winning documentaries, screenplays, features, and shorts; that’s more entries than Sundance Film Festival receives yearly. Festival Judge Brian Dodd has this to say about the LPLP and Freedom:

“Who wouldn’t sponsor and promote the best health and safety for every kid? The immediate response among our thousands of filmmakers, creators, and artists, giving a moment to sign the Law Project’s petition for Lakota kids, is incredible. This an absolutely great way to focus our festival from the start, to promote the cause for children and notice people who love creating media and film.”

Freedom also has powerful players in its judge panel this year; “Key West: Bon Voyage” Executive Producer Rodrick Colbert of the Evolutionary Project, Professional Actor Bjorn Jiskoot, Jr. – of Indigenous heritage and a long time movie producer, and Professional Actor Shawn Genther. Freedom has a more than forty member jury panel to review accepted entries. The LPLP appointing Ambassador Iron Eyes is a boon for all filmmakers and artists, and children.

The Public Affairs office of the National Museum of the American Indian, a Smithsonian Institute, began communications with Freedom about its awards and its 2016 venue. Dodd says Freedom is communicating with more Indigenous tribes, including the Piscataway Tribe of Maryland, inviting culturally significant productions and professional arts.

The Lakota People’s Law Project has over 61,000 signatures today, their free petition online to assist children is easy to sign:

And if you’re outside the USA, the free petition is here:

Freedom Film Festival is all digital: