Largest Gain in Past Five Years, IEEE-USA Salary Survey Reveals

WASHINGTON, Sept. 1, 2015 — Median income for electrotechnology and information technology professionals jumped by more than 4 percent in 2014, the largest increase in the past five years, according to the 2015 IEEE-USA Salary & Benefits Survey.

Median incomes from primary sources — salary, commissions, bonuses and net self-employment income — for U.S. IEEE members working full-time in their primary area of technical competence (job specialty) rose from $124,700 in the 2013 tax year to $130,000 in 2014.

The 4.25 percent increase comes a year after median income rose by its small percentage over the past five years, .56 percent.

The results are based on survey responses from 10,215 people. Here are median incomes since 2009:

Tax Year          Median Income           % Increase

2009                    $113,500

2010                     $118,000                            3.96

2011                      $119,950                            1.65

2012                      $124,000                           3.37

2013                      $124,700                            0.56

2014                      $130,000                           4.25

Those employed in communications technology once again enjoyed the highest median earnings ($150,000), followed by circuits and devices ($143,008) and signals and applications ($141,062).

The lowest median incomes were recorded by those in industrial applications ($120,000), systems and control ($119,572) and energy and power engineering ($116,175).

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The IEEE-USA Salary & Benefits Survey, 2015 Edition, is the 28th compensation survey IEEE-USA has conducted since 1972.

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