Our bright UNCF students need us to come through for them, right now.

As you read this, all across America, bags have been packed, goodbyes exchanged, and advice passed down from a parent to a teenager, one who may have left home for the first time.

Yes, a new UNCF freshman class of 2018 has just gotten to college.

They come from every corner of the country. 10,000 new students! Many are the first in their families to seek a higher education and over 60% of them are from families with annual incomes less than $25,000.

We have always said that “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”® and America cannot afford to waste even one mind.



– America once led the world in college graduates, and now we are fourth.

– We are losing our competitive edge.

– Without mofre college graduates our innovation will lag behind the rest of the world.

It falls on us to act. We must educate our students.

Send a gift of whatever size today. It will go a long way to keep our new class of 10,000 freshmen in school…all the way to graduation day.

P.S.: It is not too late! Send your gift today. There are always students who need just a little more help with tuition, room and board, books, labs, school supplies. Your gift will make a big difference.

P.P.S: Power Up Your Support! Start a mini campaign at www.uncf.org/push with your family and friends, and help us raise $50,000 for 10 additional scholarships by September 30, 2014.