Super short video clips by Race Forward and Jay Smooth show how racism shos up in our lives.

In Race Forward’s exciting new 8-part video series “What Is Systemic Racism?” the brilliant, super-engaging Jay Smooth explains in super-short clips how racism shows up in our lives across institutions and society.

The entire “What is Systemic Racism?” series is featured on the Race Forward website:

Please feel free to use the videos and share online (@RaceForward with the hashtag #SystemicRacismIs).

There is an introduction by Executive Director Rinku Sen, as well as statistics and summaries for each of the issue areas:

· Wealth Gap
· Employment
· Housing Discrimination
· Government Surveillance
· Incarceration
· Drug Arrests
· Immigration Arrests
· Infant Mortality
Productive conversations on race have to include a systemic analysis. However, many people do not know what systemic racism is.

Race Forward’s video series shows the impact of many factors that privilege white people and disadvantage people of color — and how the essence of systemic racism lies not in any one of these examples, but in how they each intertwine and compound each other.

As Jay says in the videos: yes, systemic racism is really a thing.

Rebekah Spicuglia