This is what A Year of Action looks like:

More than 80 new executive actions to help grow the economy, create jobs, address the threat of climate change, and strengthen the middle class.

Rallying calls to action that have convened leaders from business, nonprofits, education, and the community — resulting in billions of dollars in pledges to expand opportunity for more Americans across the board.

A plan that offers 4 million undocumented immigrants a path out of the shadows, all the while holding them accountable.

This year, the President has supported workplace flexibility and equal pay. He’s protected large swaths of federal lands and oceans from degradation. He’s put in place historic changes that will dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions down the road. He’s expanded proven job-driven training models and helped make student loan payments more affordable.

Click on below for a summary of the major actions the President took this year, complete with shareable graphics and tweets to help spread the word.

There you will find a link to the full report of the more than 80 new executive actions the President took this past year.