By Aditya Malik, MD & CEO, Talentedge

The Economic Times (India), June 13, 2017 —

Everyone wants success in his or her career, but it does not happen by accident or overnight. Those seeking to reach this destination should pay equal emphasis to the journey itself. Perseverance, hard work, training and the habits cultivated, are the path to achieving success and fulfillment that you want in your career.

People who succeed, make a considerable amount of time to educate themselves on a new skill set or upgrade existing ones.

Professional goals are proportioned by personal traits. These traits separate regular professionals from successful professionals:

1. Resilience : Rather than succumbing to failure, resilient people accept that something didn’t work and go about finding a successful solution. Instead of getting disheartened or discouraged by failure, they shoulder responsibilities and are accountable for their work. Resilience is the virtue that enables people to move through hardships and become better decision makers. Resilient people use the experience of failure to create a new path towards success.

2. Social skills: Soft skills or people skills is the most powerful tool that encompasses your persona and ability to get through to your peers and bosses. Power of persuasion comes with power that your speech holds. A good orator or communicator will always find it easy to convey their ideas. Being skilled at communication will also help with your professional engagements and add depth to your relationships. However, good social skills don’t come naturally to all. It takes practice, practice and more practice. It involves listening, understanding the subject (person you are communicating to or with) and ample observation. But when done right, can prove to be an absolutely priceless talent to possess.

3. Passion: When you are really passionate about what you are doing, it is not what you do but how you do it. While knowledge is often an excellent starting point, persistence and passion is key to the making of a successful professional. Passion gives you the creative drive to be inspired and deliver your best. As the popular saying goes ‘Life is 10 percent what you experience and 90 percent how you respond to it’.

Being a good orator or communicator will help you convey your ideas easily. (Image: Thinkstock)

4. Humility: Being humble is perceived as an indispensable and powerful success factor to possess. Humble leaders are more engaging, free of hidden agendas, office politics, and power struggles. They inspire people to succeed regardless of the difficult surroundings they may find themselves in. They not only give due recognition to the person responsible for achieving it, you will never find them speaking about themselves in a superior manner. They share accomplishments in the most humble, positive way only when necessary.

5. Be inquisitive : Unlike stated in the common proverb, curiosity does not always kill the cat. If you are curious to know how and why things work how they work, if you are keen to uncover explanations then you are more likely to succeed than your colleagues.

6. Educate and upgrade: People who succeed, make a considerable amount of time to educate themselves on a new skill set or upgrade existing ones. They constantly reinvent in order to keep building a strong foundation and keep moving forward.

7. Time Management: Being productive with your time is essential in working towards your goals, professionally and personally. Understanding the importance of time management will help you be more productive at work, have more personal time to focus on things you value outside of work. A good time management system will help you become a more effective project manager and lead a more balanced life.

8. Stress Tolerance: Successful employees are always stress tolerant, they do not take stress or panic during the time of crisis. At times they do feel more resilient than others, but it’s all about finding fixes that work.