You are unique.

You want to be where your individuality can thrive.

We are ready for you.

The uniqueness of a person is reflected in many things – in their goals and ambitions, in their culture and life background, in their willingness to grow and their readiness to share. There is a company of global perspective that knows full well the power of individuality, diversity, inclusiveness and teamwork.

Welcome to Lockheed Martin.

For us, being one of the world’s leading technology and systems enterprises means providing best value to a growing base of government and commercial customers worldwide, and compelling opportunities to our employees.

Your opportunity to achieve with us? It goes well beyond our legendary aerospace milestones. For example, we are the foremost provider of public sector systems engineering, software, and integration in the world? Look deeper and you will find we are commercial information management…hand-held medical devices…satellite telecommunications…software solutions that drive, practically, everything.

Did you know?

Our solar array wings for the International Space Station are the largest deployable space structure ever built.

We have more software development projects than AOL.

Our Sandia National Laboratories operate the tereflops computer which can process 2.4 trillion operations per second.

The canopy we developed for the F-22 Raptor aircraft is the single largest piece of formed polycarbonate in the world.

We transmit more bits of data every day than all of America’s cable companies combined.

A proud heritage.

Dedicated to “Mission Success,” we continue to develop new technological advancements for a growing, highly competitive global marketplace. In addition, we demonstrate consistent industry leadership in innovative manufacturing techniques, enhanced customer service, inspired management, and the application of best practices throughout our organization.

Where you fit in.

Our products and services – and our career opportunities – are organized into business areas and related businesses, each offering the type of challenge that will fuel your growth. They include:

  • Aeronautics
  • Electronic Systems
  • Information Systems & Global Services
  • Space Systems


Related Businesses – integrated business solutions, enterprise information systems, etc. Equally wide are the challenges, the career choices, and the locationswe offer.

We Invite You To Learn More About Our Technical And Non-Technical Openings Nationwide For Both College Graduates And Experienced Professionals.

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