Dulcified, published by TP Rewards, LLC, receives triple International Latino Book Awards recognition

Alexandria, Virginia—TP Rewards, LLC, which publishes culturally sensitive books that educate and inspire people of all ages, is proud to announce that one of its first books, Dulcified: Sweetened by the Education of Life by Dr. Lisa Ramirez, has been awarded three International Latino Book Award recognitions:
• First place for “Best Cover Photo”
• Second place in “Best Women’s Issues” and,
• Second Place for “Most Inspirational Nonfiction.”

In Dulcified, Dr. Ramirez, who is currently the National Director for Migrant Education at the U.S. Department of Education, offers an autobiographical account of extreme resilience amidst childhood abuse and neglect. The book has also been translated into Spanish. “TP Rewards sends our congratulations to Dr. Ramirez. Her story is very inspirational. She went from a dismal life, having faced physical abuse, poverty and sexual abuse to rising up above these dire circumstances,” said Tenickia Polk, CEO of TP Rewards, LLC.

“After Dr. Maya Angelou encouraged Dr. Ramirez to share her story with the world, we were honored to be selected as a partner in delivering this special message of overcoming obstacles through the grace of God, the compassion of others and a good education,” Polk continued. “Through this partnership, TP Rewards had the privilege of carrying a message of hope for those in seemingly hopeless situations, especially women. We also worked together to highlight how a compassionate educator can make a positive impact upon students’ lives. The International Latino Book Awards recognize the heart of the book’s message.”

The prestigious International Latino Book Awards are a project of Latino Literacy Now, a nonprofit founded by Academy Award-winning actor Edward James Olmos. The organization aims to promote educational, financial and reading literacy.

To further build on the premise of the book, TP Rewards offers workshops that help readers facilitate the concepts deriving from the book. “The workshops are our signature services that take readers beyond pages of the book.,” said Polk. “In these workshops, readers discuss, evaluate and adopt the book’s lessons into their own lives.” To learn more about the workshops, contact, http://www.tp-rewards.com/Dulcified.html

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