CHICAGO (December 5, 2013) — Johnson Publishing Company, LLC (JPC), today issued a statement following the death of Nelson Mandela. The statement reads as follows:

We at Johnson Publishing Company, along with countless people around the world, mourn the passing and celebrate the life of Nelson Mandela. As the curator of the African-American experience, we are honored to have had the opportunity to chronicle, in both EBONY and JET, his triumphs as he fought for racial injustice. We admire his strength, grace, fortitude, compassion and unswerving dedication to the people of South Africa and the world. He is remarkable legend and an icon who cannot be replaced.

JPC has published exclusive articles and photos on Mandela in both EBONY and JET, dating back to when he was in prison serving a life sentence for his anti-apartheid activities in South Africa. Stories included conversations with Mandela as he revealed the private side of his life, a collection of letters he wrote while in prison, his inauguration, visits to the United States and a special message from him to Black Americans. John H. Johnson, the founder of JPC, and his family were invited into the home of Mandela when the company launched EBONY South Africa. Linda Johnson Rice, Chairman of JPC, had a special opportunity as a member of the United States Presidential Delegation headed by then First Lady Hillary Clinton, to attend the inauguration of Mandela when he took the oath as the first Black President of South Africa.

“It was a privilege to experience first-hand Mandela’s presidential inauguration, and I am deeply saddened by the passing of this great man,” said Rice. “That was the experience of lifetime. It was life-changing for me to witness him take office and I feel greatly fortunate to have had the opportunity to be in his presence, both in the United States and South Africa.”

JPC has chronicled Mandela’s journey which is highlighted in the company’s archives and includes thousands of original photos and numerous articles on his life. A selection of images are available for public viewing at and

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