by Jordan S. Dill, NAV Editor

[April 6, 2003]

On April 3, 2003 AIM Colorado issued a statement regarding the arrest of Arlo Looking Cloud. Since the time their statement was made another man, John Graham(also known as John Boy Patton) has been indicted.AIM Colorado suggests that one must be careful not to jump to conclusions, not to presume guilt. Certainly this is good advice in light of the fact that Arlo and John Boy have been alleged to be the killers for many years.

AIM Colorado goes on to note that the FBI and the “entire chain of events resulting in her murder” must be taken into account. More good advice.

But, we must make sure by looking at the grand picture, that certain specifics are not overlooked:


  • No major AIM leader attended Anna’s funeral. It is alleged that Russell Means, his brother and friends were attending a basketball game a few miles away. Their absence was a declaration of fear and an intimation of involvement in Her death. 


  • While the FBI “may” have been involved/initiated the murder, it would have been an AIM high ranker that actually ordered the death of Anna
  • John Boy and Arlo may have been the dirty work soldiers, but the high rankers are just as responsible and must, too, be dragged into the light. 


  • High rankers can be defined as Russell Means, Dennis Banks (lover to Anna), the Bellecourt brothers and John Trudell. 


  • High rankers know, and have always known who murdered Anna. Theyalso will pay. 

As I have said before…

The First Nations have an obligation to Honor the hunt for Anna Mae’s killers. This must be done or there will be no Peace. Either for The Nations or for Anna.

Some say it does not matter who pulled the trigger. That it does not matter who raped Her. That what matters is determining those who prompted the pillage of Anna.

I say that it does matter who pulled the trigger. That it does matter who raped Her. That it does matter that all involved, top to bottom, are dragged into the Light.

It does matter that a debt be paid.

It does matter…

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