“Hope: The New Financial System Emerging After The American Economic Crisis” by Brenda J. Isom shows readers how to recover from the economic crisis and regain their wealth.

San Jose, CA (BlackNews.com) — How do well educated, white-collar, high income, consistent savers and investors go from wealthy to struggling financially? Major financial institutions and corporations received financial bail outs, but with a severe economic downturn, a slow economic recovery, proposed deep budget cuts, higher taxes and inflation looming how does Main Street America recover from devastating loss of their retirement savings and the devaluation of their homes?

In her new book entitled Hope: The New Financial System Emerging After The American Economic Crisis, financial strategist and author, Brenda Jackson-Isom, not only answers these questions but also provides solutions to help Main Street America recover financially and regain their wealth. Brenda has been speaking and educating her community about the fall of the dollar and the severe consequences to main street Americans, especially the African American community.

Brenda Jackson-Isom, who has dedicated her life as a solution-strategist, author, professional speaker and financial specialist in an economical market she calls the “second great depression”. Her former position as Senior Manager in charge of Consumer Collections and the Real Estate Default Department at one of the largest credit unions in Silicon Valley, California has made her no stranger to helping people through tough economic times.

Brenda is hard at work sharing strategies to save the wealth of main street Americans, with her online interviews and blog: www.brendaisomspeaks.comwww.brendaisom.com and speaking engagements.

ISBN: 978-0-557-68905-7
Interested ones can order and/or preview the book at www.brendaisombooksstore.com