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While the economy is showing signs of improvement, times are still tough. If you sense that you could be facing a potential layoff, preparing ahead of time as much as you can will help ease that time of transition. Get ready now with these tips from the Federal Citizen Information Center:

  • Take an honest look at your finances and see where you and your family can cut back on spending. Consider the pros and cons of more dramatic financial moves, like withdrawing early from your 401K. It can really help you cope short team while your income is low, but could have serious penalties that don’t make it worth it in the long-run.
  • While doing the best you can to stretch a buck, it’s also time to review and update your resume. As you do, remember that your cover letter is a potential employer’s first opportunity to see how well you can showcase your skills. Remember to tailor each letter to the specific needs of the position. If you haven’t heard from the company after two weeks, follow-up with an email or phone call to check the status of your application–it shows that you are sincerely interested.
  • If you’re going to be out of work, health care is a concern. Be sure to know all of your options, including purchasing COBRA, which could keep you and your family covered for an additional 18 months. Also, you may be eligible for a health coverage tax creditwhich pays 80% of health insurance premiums for qualified families and individuals.
  • Use your imagination when seeking new opportunities. Have you considered starting your own business, or working for the government? Use’s Jobs and Education pageto show you what you need to do to become your own boss, or work for Uncle Sam.
  • If you think you may lose your job, consider using the spare time you may have in the future to help others by volunteering or mentoring. You’ll be surprised how helpful your skills are those in need. Also, it’s a great environment to network and meet new people.

It’s never easy to face the reality that you could lose your job, but using these resources from the Federal Citizen Information Center can help you get back on your feet more quickly and get you ahead of the competition in the event of a layoff.


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