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By FRAZIER MOORE, AP Television Writer

NEW YORK (AP) _ It’s a time-honored rite harking back to an era of black-and-white TVs and the trio of networks whose programs they delivered: the grand unveiling of new fall fare.
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By ANNE FLAHERTY, Associated Press

WASHINGTON (AP) _ People on Facebook and Twitter say they are less likely to share their opinions on hot-button issues, even when they are offline, according to a surprising new survey by the Pew Research Center.
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WASHINGTON (AP) _ Economists appear to be of two minds about the Federal Reserve.

They agree with the Fed that the job market still isn’t healthy. Yet the latest Associated Press survey of economists finds that most fear the Fed will wait too long to raise interest rates and thereby risk stoking inflation or creating asset bubbles.
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By The Associated Press

Most students entering college for the first time this fall were born in 1996. For these students, Tupac Shakur, Carl Sagan and Tiny Tim have always been dead.

Every year, Beloit College in Beloit, Wisconsin, releases its Mindset List to give a snapshot of how the incoming freshmen class views the world. The list for the Class of 2018:
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WASHINGTON (AP) _ An enigmatic Civil War photo of a white man and a black slave, both in Confederate uniforms, has been donated to the Library of Congress five years after its appearance on “Antiques Roadshow” sparked speculation about its meaning.
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COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) _ Visitors to three Ohio cities will soon see billboards pointing out how one group believes that the state slights women.
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By DENIS D. GRAY, Associated Press

THANON NANG KLARN, Thailand (AP) _ Depending solely on the rains to either yield a good rice crop or leave their fields dry and barren, farmers in this village in northeastern Thailand, the country’s poorest region, led a precarious and back-breaking existence. Then they discovered bugs.
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NEW ORLEANS (AP) _ The Essence Festival will remain in New Orleans, at least for the next five years, organizers said Friday.

Essence announced the contract extension, noting the annual celebration of African-American music and culture will remain in the city through 2019.
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