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We are HAPPY to announce the 45th Anniversary Commemorative Issue, Digital Edition
  • Arnold Donald – CEO of the Carnival Corporation
  • Student Success Stories
  • A Fascinating Career Among Giants
  • What Happened To THE BLACK COLLEGIAN...
Here is the 45th Anniversary Commemorative Issue Digital Issue: http://diversityemployers.epubxp.com/t/82263

What might race-conscious policies look like?
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President Obama’s bold new initiative to empower a generation of American students with the computer science skills they need to thrive in a digital economy.
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Kellogg Foundation Leads a Broad Coalition of  former Governors Winter (Miss.) and Patrick (Mass.), and other Prominent Figures Embrace Comprehensive TRHT Enterprise
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American Indians are the most under-served group in the United States when it comes to education.
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Once World War II began, thousands of African Americans rushed to enlist, intent on serving the nation that treated them as second-class citizens. They were determined to fight to preserve the freedom that they themselves had been denied. This is their story.
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“The Agenda to Build Black Futures” lays out goals for improving the social justice component of economic development.
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Free Online Event: African American Wisdom Summit February 2016
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No matter where you are in the process — how many places you’ve applied or how many pre-screen phone interviews you’ve had — one thing’s for sure: Job searching can be exhausting.
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