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We are HAPPY to announce the 45th Anniversary Commemorative Issue, Digital Edition
  • Arnold Donald – CEO of the Carnival Corporation
  • Student Success Stories
  • A Fascinating Career Among Giants
  • What Happened To THE BLACK COLLEGIAN...
Here is the 45th Anniversary Commemorative Issue Digital Issue: http://diversityemployers.epubxp.com/t/82263

“What you want to do as much as possible is try to control the brand around your name.”
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You landed the job interview. Now it’s time to prepare.
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The Federal Reserve Bank of New York has launched a user-friendly web interactive that sheds light on trends in the labor market for recent college graduates, including new data on unemployment, underemployment, labor demand, and wages.
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A groundbreaking study identifies significant disparities in life chances among UK students
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Update: Acclaimed Emmy Award winning filmmaker Ken Burns joined by Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., will talk about race in America at a National Press Club luncheon March 14.
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This rebrand is the positive outcome of the organizations ambitious strategy to include a broader scope including all Hispanic professionals, regardless of educational level or area of work.
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What might race-conscious policies look like?
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President Obama’s bold new initiative to empower a generation of American students with the computer science skills they need to thrive in a digital economy.
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