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We are Happy to announce: "Student Success in the Job Market" in the First Semester 2014 Diversity Employers Digital Issue.
  • Students are Happy because they are getting jobs
  • Career Services Directors are Happy because they are helping students find jobs
  • Employers are Happy because they are recruiting a diverse workforce
  • Career Services Directors are Happy because they have just what students need - career success strategies to land a good job - a dream job
  • When the economy is good, everyone is Happy.
Here is the First Semester 2014 Diversity Employers Digital Issue: http://diversityemployers.epubxp.com/t/82263
Our Career Consultants:
Natalia Guarin-Klein Interim Director, Magner Career Center, Brooklyn College  Carolyn Thomas Director, Career Services, Xavier University of Louisiana 
Vernon E. Martin, Jr. President of Martin Professional Business Associates  Johanna Smith Assistant Director – Career Services – Virginia Tech 
Kimberly Dixon Assistant Director - Employer Relations & Diversity Career Center – Stony Brook University 
Robert Williams Director of Career Services, Default Prevention Counselor – Rust College  Kimberly DeLardge Assistant Director - Diversity Initiatives Rochester Institute of Technology  Meghan Godorov Associate Director - Alumnae and Community Engagement – Mount Holyoke College  Judy Jimmerson Associate Vice-President for Career Services – Albany Technical College  Tracey Jackson Career Advisor / Employee Relations Manager – Tulane University

By Kimberly Joy Dixon – Assistant Director of Employer Relations & Diversity Career Center – Stony Brook University

I am the coordinator of the Diversity Professional Leadership Network (DPLN) Program, which is a partnership with employers designed to impart career & industry knowledge to students.

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By Robert T. Williams, Jr. – Director of Career Services, Default Prevention Counselor – Rust College

The most important thing that I did with Anthony, as well as with any student I meet, is have a conversation to see where he is in life.

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By Kimberly DeLardge Assistant Director ~ Diversity Initiatives Rochester Institute of Technology

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By Judy Jimmerson – Associate Vice-President for Career Services – Albany Technical College

I served as Career Services Director from 2006 to 2014 and was promoted to Associate Vice President for Career Services in 2014.

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By Carolyn Thomas – Director of Career Services – Xavier University

At Xavier University of Louisiana, where I have served as the Director of Career Services since 1983, we strongly encourage students to utilize our office early in their collegiate career so that they can prepare themselves to be marketable upon graduation.

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By Meghan Godorov – Associate Director, Alumnae and Community Engagement – Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Massachusetts

I have been working at Mount Holyoke College since June 2011. As the designated staff member for the senior class, I spend a great deal of time preparing students to land the job that best suits their current and future professional goals

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By Tracey Jackson – Career Advisor / Empl0yee Relations Manager – Tulane University

For many seniors, the reality check has finally come! Senior year is a reality check because it is filled with many transitions.

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By Chris Bardwell – Head of the Career Connection

Those who work with students making the transition from college to the workforce are all too aware of the need for training and information that is up-to-date, comprehensive and practical. To prepare college students effectively and help them advance their careers, this article discusses information about career coaching, its benefits and managing careers in the 21st century workplace. Read more…

The gap between wealthy colleges and the rest of the pack is clearly wide, and getting wider each year.
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HBCU Educator Dr. C. Reynold Verret Elected on Proven Record of Leadership
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Silicon Valley executive Martin Ford says that robots, once thought of as a threat to only manufacturing jobs, are poised to replace humans as teachers, journalists, lawyers and others in the service sector.
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Illegal interview questions have been around for as long as there have been interviews
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Movie will feature actors as well as never-before-seen footage of the rapper
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The pay bump will affect about 567,000 workers in the city.
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U.S. Women Benefit, Study from New Harvard Business School Gender Initiative Finds
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List Ranks America’s 50 Fittest Metro Areas
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