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We are HAPPY to announce the 45th Anniversary Commemorative Issue, Digital Edition
  • Arnold Donald – CEO of the Carnival Corporation
  • Student Success Stories
  • A Fascinating Career Among Giants
  • What Happened To THE BLACK COLLEGIAN...
Here is the 45th Anniversary Commemorative Issue Digital Issue: http://diversityemployers.epubxp.com/t/82263

Help celebrate ‘America’s Best Idea’ by visiting a national park site and enjoy free entry as you #FindYourPark August 25-28.
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The multi-faceted Hispanic consumer is widely recognized as a cornerstone of any growth initiative for virtually all U.S. industries, and for good reason.
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A new White House report underscores Hawaii statistics that show mistreatment of students by their peers.
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The Pew Research Center report also found that the popular hashtag is used eight times more often than #AllLivesMatter.
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Through partnering with local farmers, the USDA has begun to tackle its racist past.
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Our final installment chronicles the men’s and women’s basketball teams’ respective victories and so much more from the Rio Olympics’ final weekend.
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Attending a job fair is one of best ways to meet employers in person to build rapport and exchange information.
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An undergraduate education is simply too precious an opportunity to squander or to approach halfheartedly.
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