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HAVANA (AP) _ Cubans braced Monday for a clampdown on the flow of car tires, flat-screen televisions, blue jeans and shampoo in the bags of travelers who haul eye-popping amounts of foreign-bought merchandise to an island where consumer goods are frequently shoddy, scarce and expensive.
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By BRIAN MELLEY, Associated Press

LOS ANGELES (AP) _ They were killed in Wisconsin, New York and California. Some were shot on the street. One was killed in a Wal-Mart. Another died after being placed in a chokehold. All died at the hands of police and all have been united by one thing: the killing of Michael Brown.
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By DAVID CRARY, AP National Writer

NEW YORK (AP) _ On this Labor Day weekend, ponder the latest federal data: About 7.1 million Americans were employed in construction-related occupations last year _ and only 2.6 percent were women.
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By MESFIN FEKADU,   AP Music Writer

NEW YORK (AP) _ Rappers are making their voices heard in the Missouri city where a white police officer killed an unarmed young black man, channeling hip-hop’s earlier roots when the genre worked as a voice for the oppressed and spoke out against injustice.
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By The Associated Press

A state-by-state look at the Common Core standards:
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By JOSEPH PISANI, AP Business Writer

NEW YORK (AP) _ The latest banks are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

Startups, such as Moven and Simple, offer banking that’s designed specifically for smartphones, enabling users to track their spending on the go.
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AP Economics Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) _ U.S. consumer confidence this month reached its highest point in nearly seven years, boosted by strong job gains.
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By TERESA M. WALKER, AP Pro Football Writer

CBS officials talked about an all-women sports show for more than a year, and now they’re set to make television history.
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