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We are HAPPY to announce the 45th Anniversary Commemorative Issue, Digital Edition
  • Arnold Donald – CEO of the Carnival Corporation
  • Student Success Stories
  • A Fascinating Career Among Giants
  • What Happened To THE BLACK COLLEGIAN...
Here is the 45th Anniversary Commemorative Issue Digital Issue: http://diversityemployers.epubxp.com/t/82263

White Americans tend to say that they would rather not own a business and dislike taking risks, in stark contrast to non-white Americans.
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As the U.S. population becomes more diverse, racial diversity in hiring has become an increasingly important conversation in public media.
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Mic partnered up with Keys and her We Are The Movement organization for this recreation of its previous “23 Everyday Actions” video.
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Carla Hayden has just been confirmed as the next Librarian of Congress.
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Are college graduates looking for the same things as they did in the earlier decades? Or has a changing world affected what attracts educated workers?
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Emanuel Vigil, the Jicarilla Apache teen who introduced Michelle Obama at the Santa Fe Indian School commencement, on the complexities of indigenous life.
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A new report shows Asian Americans are earning more than white men and women.
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The gender wage gap is comparable for artists and nonartists.
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