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Asian American Council of Dayton

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The Asian American Council, Dayton, Ohio, works to promote full participation in democratic processes, develop awareness and appreciation of the diversity of Asian American Cultures and the roles of Asian Americans in American history, and further the goals of member organizations, including such a goal of improving Asian American’s well being and quality of life through advocacy, education and access to quality services.


1. Support federal, state, and local legislation that protects the civil rights of all U.S. residents.

2. Develop and implement strategies that promote the full participation in democratic processes: A. Discourage the use of negative, harmful or offensive stereotypes. B. Promote conditions which reduce discriminatory behaviors.

3. Support the development of knowledge and leadership skills among youth to help prepare them in areas such as conflict resolution, multicultural awareness and appreciation, etc.

4. Promote awareness and appreciation of the diversity of Asian American cultures and the roles of Asian Americans in American history.

5. Promote activities that support our common interests (such as participating international festivals, joining Dayton’s March on the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday, conducting or sponsoring mathematics competitions or essay contests, etc.)


It was founded when leaders from various Asian and Asian-American organizations in the Dayton area met on June 6th, 2002, to sign “Articles of Incorporation” for the Asian American Council, Dayton, Ohio. The signing of these articles by representatives of six “Sponsoring Organizations” meant the endorsement of Council’s Constitution and Bylaws, which are posted on its website. The Charter Sponsoring Organizations were: Dayton Association of Chinese American, Dayton Area Korean Association, Japanese American Citizens League, Dayton Chapter, Philippine American Society of Greater Dayton, The India Foundation, and Vietnamese Association of Greater Dayton.

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