African Story Network is a labor of love of a father granting the wish of a daughter seeking to connect with all parts of her cultural heritage.

New York, NY, February 25, 2015 – African Story Network, Inc. (AfricanStory.TV) was created as a cultural heritage site on an online webtv ” portal” broadcasting short African stories told by everyday Africans, African Americans and Caribbean Islanders, to bring awareness and to showcase the importance of dreams and legacy through the preservation of our oral storytelling tradition.

According to filmmaker and ASTV founder, Daty Kaba:

“I started on this mission to bring African folkloric stories back to the mainstream lives of Africans at home and in the Diaspora, in order to maintain the legacy for future generations. When my 7-year-old daughter, Priya, requested that I put down the Disney books and tell her African stories from my childhood; It dawned on me that I had sporadic memories or had completely forgotten those stories. I did research and found that most people have forgotten those folklores from childhood as well.”

As a filmmaker dedicated to telling African stories, Mr. Kaba began on a mission to assemble African storytellers from all walks of life, from Nobel Peace Prize Winner Leymah Gbowee, to artists, scholars and everyday people from Africa and the Diaspora to tell their childhood stories, as an introduction to those who are unaware and as a refresher course for those whom have forgotten these stories. African folkloric stories like the trickster spider “Ananse” and “Mamiwata”, the most famous mermaid known to mankind long before Tom Hanks saw Daryl Hannah make a splash on American shores; have been told, taken and shared amongst Africans and their Diasporic descendants, from pre-colonial Africa until our present day, where these stories are winning national and international awards, while being told in new mediums of film, illustrations, and art installations engineered and empowered by technology and social media platforms in spreading the word.

For centuries, oral storytelling has been the format used by many cultures in passing along important historical facts and information to other generations. African Story Network, Inc. (AfricanStory.TV) follows that tradition with current technology. Storytellers are filmed on video and featured online at

African Story Network, Inc. (AfricanStory.TV) will serve as an online village where global citizens can enjoy stories from Africa, USA and the Caribbean. African Story Network, Inc. is also an educational hub for students and future generations to experience African Stories and the significance of oral storytelling.

As a registered 501c3, non-profit organization, African Story Network, Inc. is made possible by charitable donations and grants from people and organizations all over the world that believe in the importance of the preservation and telling of African stories in our shared globalized world. African Story Network receives support from the JPMorgan Chase Cultural Entrepreneurs Program in partnership with Staten Island Arts.

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