Review of topics currently of interest in Hispanic and business media – Dec. 22

By the HAV Staff

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1) Multilingual Work Forces Present Some Challenges

Finding ways to keep language differences from becoming obstacles to success — for employers and employees alike — will be a workplace challenge that more and more companies will have to address in an increasingly multilingual economy.  The Society for Human Resource Management explores various workplace situations where multilingualism has become an important aspect of the day-to-day runnings of American business.

2) Online Applications To College Surge

Applying online is free and you can even fill out one application form to be forwarded to a number of colleges. But you still can’t apply online on paper you’ve made yourself, as did one applicant to Reed College in Oregon.

3) How a Cover Letter Can Boost Your Chances

When applying for a corporate job, the word is the shorter the better. But be sure to make your letter stand out from the rest while including oodles of experience. There’s a link here to a sample cover letter, too.

4) Fewer Hispanics Join Employer Retirement Plans

Hispanic workers join on-the-job retirement plans at a rate lower than their black and white American counterparts. The reason lies partly with the fact that many Latinos are first-generation with less opportunity to save. Hispanics also are more likely to work for employers who don’t offer such benefits.

5) Outsourcing Moves Closer to Home

Thanks to CAFTA and a more convenient time-zone, the US is increasingly outsourcing jobs in the service and manufacturing sectors to Central America with Nicaragua picking up the most contracts. A number of Nicaraguans in line for outsourced jobs are those returning home after exile in the U.S. from the wars of the 80s.


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